Sunday, March 21, 2010

Central Otago Rail Trail

Well, after months of planning and anticipation, this trail has been done. Down in the South Island, over 160kms of old rail tracks. . . a great ride, and plenty of challenge with head winds, and bumpy terrain, and tunnels.

I almost have too much to say about it and too many photos to put them up here. I think I'll do a separate blog and provide a link from this one, to it.


On the way out of Middlemarch

Approaching our first tunnel

Between Ranfurly and Lauder

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Country roads around Woodhill and Parakai

We attempted a ride in Woodhill Forest this morning, but got told we could only do the main road through the forest (with logging trucks) and all the rest private land, so we did a short run up and down to the path through to Murawai and decided to drive over to Parakai and cycle from there.
Well kitted up for the journey with the French Stick, thermos and coolie bag full of picnic stuff.
Leaving the Parakai Aerodrome after a look around.
Heading off for the main road.

A good 20 kms cycle today, up hill and down dale, with a picnic on a grassy knoll at lunchtime.

Great day!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Up to Swanson via Henderson Valley

The three of us went from Te Atatu Peninsula through Henderson and a fair happening by The Falls, up through Corban Estate Art Centre (viewing exhibition on the way), and through the back to Border Rd. Then we turned right UP the horrendous hill that leads toward Ranui/Swanson. Two of us walked it, and John was waiting at the top.
This is the railway line crossed just below the Swanson station.

Naturally we enjoyed a delish lunch at a cafe in the shopping centre before coming back via Ranui and Universal Drive.