Monday, July 19, 2010

Amblings around Ambury Park

Very pleasant morning on Saturday, starting off from Ambury Park and heading toward Puketutu Island where the old settling ponds were. Weather showery but it felt very much like the Rail Trail.

Stopped at the bird watching hut to view the birdless expanse in front of us.

Puketutu Island quite picturesque in the low tide.

It did have all the makings of an excellent spy base.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Glorious - if frosty - winter weather for cycling

I did a solo trip just to 'warm up' from Te Atatu to Henderson on Saturday, enjoying the clear skies and winter weather. The nice thing about cycling in midwinter, is that you never get too hot!

. . .and on Sunday, John Cowan and I took to the hills leading into Devonport and caught up with Naomi and some other friends for coffee and a bite just off Victoria Rd in the main centre, before cycling back to the car. I always forget how many hills there really are in Devonport!
. . .the video below taken on my trip to Henderson, through the bare branches of the trees and ducking amongst plenty of pedestrians and their dogs.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Still crawling along through winter - to Pt Chev this time

Sheesh, it's been hard to get out there these days, but today dawned blue and clear so Helen and I hit the trail from Te Atatu to Pt Chev - jostling between a mighty contingent of cyclists all enjoying the day out and about.
It was great to get some exercise, but it was painful to realise how much we'd lost in the way of fitness and form. Oh well.

The coffee stop was good, at Pt Chev.