Monday, January 26, 2009

City Trip

Our well deserved rest...
Ah the hills...
Jen fresh and full of energy before we set off.
The harbour in the morning

Just adding a few more photos from our city trip yesterday. I'm really proud of us! This is the bike track at 8am.

Into the city around the beaches and back

We set off on our biggest trip yet - in from Te Atatu Peninsula to the heart of Auckland City, at the Viaduct Basin. Just wanted to test out whether we could do the Bike Breakfast coming up on the 18 February. Here's Helen with her own camera taking a photo of me at 8am before we set off.
Our bikes ready to go, with togs (swimming costume), cushions, lunch, thermos, book, towels.
A water break at the old Carrington Hospital grounds in Pt Chevalier.
We cycled close to the motorway, through Kingsland and Symonds St, ending up finally here, at the Viaduct Basin, site of the Bike Breakfast in a few weeks.
Lovely boats in harbour.
A well earned cup of coffee at Viaduct cafe 'Mocca'.
I like this shot of our bikes against the backdrop of water and yachts.
Then we went along Tamaki Drive for a ways and stopped at Okahu Bay for a couple of hours, swimming, reading and eating lunch. Magic.
Helen reading against a backdrop of Okahu Bay.
And below is a video of Tamaki Drive, with too much sunstrike on the camera, but the gist is there.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A longer trip to Henderson and beyond on gorgeous sunny Saturday

Helen set off before me this morning, waiting here on the sloping grounds of the Falls Restaurant in Henderson. When we'd had a cup of peppermint tea from my thermos, and sat on our cushions and rug for a bit, we set off to discover further paths beyond the one that leads in to Henderson along the river.
To our great delight there were substantial and well kept bicycle paths leading some distance along the back of Henderson into the Massey valley area.
On and on they went, pristine and flowing. If you could hear sound, you'd hear cackles and chortles above the soft squeak of our bikes.
And we were able to go two abreast easily. I chance to see Helen's helmet, and her cushion in her basket. Her panniers make carrying other things so much easier. That'll be my next buy.
Goony shot of me at the park on the way home. Delicious weather, not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze.
We parted company, and I stopped under a tree on the way home to read my book. This is my newly 'pimped' bike basket. Had to have the flowers.

And if you want a look at the wonderful entrance to this ride, once you get off the streets, this is what it's like to roll onto the meandering pathway.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First track emergency. . .

I'm feeling a little hot and bothered, but at least accomplished something! I set off on this favourite route of ours this morning, from Te Atatu Peninsula, through to Henderson, to go to the library.
Of course, for only the second time I've done it alone, and just keen to keep cycling even though the rest of the Handlebras are on holiday at present.
So I get past all the pedestrians wandering over the path (just like in picture). Even though I ring my bell, it's rarely that anyone moves across and leaves room for me, so I find myself careering out onto the grass and off the path a few times. I think that's why my front tyre went flat again. AND, of course, I didn't notice it until I got to the further end of the journey (see map - very bottom of line). I stowed the bike at the library, got a couple of books out, and came out to go home, and saw my front tyre flat.
So I pushed the bike until I got to a park nearby and attempted to pull out all of the stuff I keep attached to parts of the bike 'in case of emergency'. I guess it would have helped if I'd sorted out the issues I had with my little bike pump - it didn't seem to want to pump. So I gave up, reattached everything, and contemplated a long, HOT journey by foot back home (very top of the map!)
Then I bethought myself of the only bike shop in the vacinity, just off Lincoln Rd, and trudged there instead. The helpful chap in the workshop showed me how my small pump works AFTER you put the right nozzle into it, and I left it with him to repair the tyre while I trotted over the road for a coffee. Cheating, I know.

So, with great joy I was able to get the wheels turning again, lever myself onto them, and make the rest of the journey home. I hope this doesn't happen too often, and that the next time, I'll be better prepared and able to do it myself. Much hangs on that possibility.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan's first long trip

Jan - on her newest bike - takes to the winding bike paths that lead to Henderson. This is the farthest she has gone, and the first time over the motorway to that side of town. Well worth it. She hopes to take this route to her work every day, and it's looking possible!

I set the camera up on a nearby bin, and took a photo of the two of us outside the library in Henderson. Didn't wait long enough for the shot, hence the unfortunate angle of my body leaving the site. I'm going to regard this as the 'before' shot. I'm also in front of Jan's lovely basket.

Jan's expression pretty much covers it. It was a great cycle and much easier and more pleasant than expected.

And here's my first video of part of the trip. Hopefully it captures what the path looks like, and I had to stop it hurriedly when I saw the sharp angle of the turn at the end of the bridge. . .

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Waihi Beach New Year 2009

Helen and I outside our bach at Waihi Beach, about to take our first trip together down to the distant shopping centre.
Plenty of cyclists on this stretch of road, all of us competing with the car/trailer/boat traffic.
Rewarded with a coffee at a cafe called 'Flat White'.
Heading back to 'Flat White' for New Year's dinner that night.
And a worthy meal of pork roast with a view of the sea, it was.
. . . later the same day . . . on the bach balcony awaiting New Year.
Helen ahead of me on the road to Athenree.
Not so much fun sharing this narrow road with cars doing 100kph right next to you. . .
but once we got to Athenree it was tranquil and quite lovely.
. . . only the sound of seagulls squabbling and the distant strums of a guy playing guitar.
More 'Aaaah'
Our two bikes leaning on Pohutukawa trees

then a cycle home via a coffee at the cafe by the little Waihi beach airport.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Waihi Beach holiday

Coffee on the way back from Athenree
Still looking good after a helmet squashed on her head
A Lovely day

At Athenree we stopped to rest under the pohutukawas
My lovely bike, ready for a trip to Athenree
Jenny outside Flat White cafe

Jen and I have had a very lazy and fun time at Waihi beach. We cycled every day, using our bikes for trips to get groceries, and felt very proud to be cyclists and not one of the million cars roaming up and down Seaforth Rd all day. Here is the familiar sight of my sister heading off to the shops.