Saturday, December 11, 2010

Evening ride in from Te Atatu to the Domain for the Practice Christmas in the Park

That's Dion on a one gear bike and his mother, waiting with me for Helen and nurse friend to join us at Te Atatu Medical Centre, and cycle in to the Domain. It's 6.15pm.
Helen and friend ahead, where friend will leave for her home in Pt Chev, and we four will continue.
Nicola and son behind, and a glorious evening with the sunset behind us.
Finally in at the Domain and joining up with other members of the family. Dion didn't return with us, and we left at around 9:45pm.
Below: not much to see, but the air was wonderfully balmy and the moon a thin sliver, and we had the entire route to ourselves all the way back to Te Atatu, arriving at 10:45pm.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Checking out inner Mt Roskil and Sandringham

Starting from the Pak n Save in Mt Albert, we headed off over the road and down the metal path into the parklands there.
It did eventually become concrete path, and then we hit Sandringham Rd and found the pathway beside the new motorway.
. . . and headed towards Hillsborough.
In the industrial area of Three Kings, we had a coffee at The Rock cafe.
and then headed home. . .

following the slope of Mt Roskill. . .

Over the overbridge. . .
and into the extensive parklands (who'd have known they were there!) in Stoddard Rd area.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A wander from Te Atatu into the city, and beyond

These are in reverse order I'm sorry - starting with the end of the day and moving backwards. It started with Linda, John and I heading in to the city from Te Atatu, along the cyclepath, then up Newton Gully to Ponsonby Road, and all along that. We stopped for coffee and donuts at Il Forno. Then we stopped in at Cyco, and admired the bikes. Helen texted us from 'The Rabbit Hole' on Jervois Road so we cycled there for a spot of lunch and catch up. John and Linda went back through Meola Road and Pt Chev, and Helen and I continued down College Hill to the Viaduct. Caught the ferry over to Devonport, and swung around there for a while. Came back and pressed on up Anzac Ave, until we hit the cycleway to the West again. And home to a hot bath!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Maraetai and environs

Great day on Saturday at Maraetai. We drove out here first - to Pine Harbour - and enjoyed the market for a while. Then five of us sped off up and around on the main road toward Maraetai, where we stopped for a picnic lunch.

Headed back for a coffee at the cafe on the beachfront, and then four headed back over the edge of the peninsula following the coast and found that it was indeed possible to reach pine harbour by paths.

After the cycling adventure, Helen and I swam in the sea and went off to Botany Downs for a movie (RED).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Labour Weekend ramble

Pictures are in the wrong order but this is niece Nicola and I enjoying coffee with her son Dion at Kings Garden Centre on St Lukes Rd, on our way home from the Domain.
Lovely Spring day in the domain, and plenty of time to have a picnic lunch and read on the blanket.

Enjoying a coffee on Ponsonby Road after arriving from Te Atatu.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

16 Oct Spring cycle along the waterfront in Auckland

Beautiful Spring day for a long ride along Tamaki Drive from Parnell Baths to St Heliers and back.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well-cycled Weekend behind us

What a great weekend to dust off the pedals and start to pick up some stamina on the bikes again. Yesterday we went to Henderson to do some shopping, and today we went along the Western cycleway in as far as Kingsland, and the Kings Garden Centre. This is us on the bridge at Waterview.
Chained our bikes to the fence at the garden centre and Helen removed her panniers - trialing a new design she has made.

We stopped for a Chai Latte and Yoyo, and breezed around the Garden Centre picking up a few Spring plants for the vegie garden. I carried them back in my front basket.
On the way home, this lovely Pashley pulled up beside us, ridden by Matt, who has only been on it since midwinter. He was good company, chatting about the cycleways around the West, and how he'd had the bike imported, but that it was well worth the effort.
Oh dreams of glory.