Sunday, December 28, 2008

Waterfront Meander

Well, I took the opportunity to go for a cycle after dropping sweet Jem off at the bus stop. A lovely fine morning for a cycle, and not too many people clogging up the cycle lane. Here are a few pics,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trip to Henderson and the Falls Restaurant grounds

Well, Christmas proved a useful source of items for my bike too. Got a hooter and a front light, and purchased a carrier and added it today. Ready to roll this afternoon to The Falls Hotel grounds in Henderson for a cup of tea and read of my book.
Once you get over the motorway and through a few streets, this fantastic rolling bike path emerges and I'll just let the pics be self-explanatory. Enjoy the ride!

And at the end, there's a cup of tea from the thermos and cheese and crackers. Doesn't get better than that.

Additions to the spirit of easy riding after Christmas

Helen was given a cushion, blanket and magazine to put on her bike and take with her. . . see how well it all fits the cycle. I'm going to have to sort out a carrier for the back of my bike, which has been seeing a lot of use getting bits and pieces of Christmas shopping. The basket can hold so much, but some panniers would help.
I'm taking my bike down to Waihi beach tomorrow and seeing a bit of the countryside down there. It will be good to get it out of the city and exploring further afield.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Final foundation member gets bike AND attitude right

Yes, finally, Jan's bike has been repaired and is roadworthy and it shows in her attitude - she is READY TO GO! I like the apron and the sunhat and the floppy sandals.
Watch this space now, for ongoing voyages of 'HER' club.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

To Point Chev for a coffee

Helen and I, with her son Liam, decided to go for a cycle to Pt Chevalier this morning - have a coffee there, and come on home. This is me 'cycling up' and getting my bike in order. . .
Most of the way you have to follow the North Western motorway from Te Atatu Peninsula into the city. It's all cycle track which is great, with a few ups and downs, but quite possible for beginners if you don't try to go too fast. You have to beware of the lycra brigade who can come up behind you unawares - double file! And I was rung at once, and 'HO'-ed on the way back. Huh.
We all had to stop and put on coats when the rain began to fall lightly. This is Helen and Liam.
The first bridge is fairly easy.
. . . you just change down as far as you can go and keep peddling.
A bit of unsalubrious industrial stuff to go by.
Swapped camera person and this is what Helen saw of me for most of the trip.
. . . with regular checks back.
It wasn't all uphill. A gentle glide down toward the harbour and mangroves.

Much pleasanter going along here. . .

And finally, the reward of reaching the end of Pt Chev, and a pretty decent latte awaiting us.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Small but essential additions. . .

Yep - found my way to Avanti-Plus bike shop this morning, and bought up a few useful things which are now attached to frame.
And yes, I think I WILL put coffee in this one. . .

Pumping up the tyres for the first time

This is our first entry. Yep, that's me - chubby but happy on my fairly upright-with-basket secondhand bike with the sun behind me and the wind on my face. Note jandals and dress.
Many plans are in the offing for this club - lots more bits and pieces to go on the bikes - Helen (below) has now got a basket. I've just purchased a wee bag for under the seat with a spare inner tube and repair kit. I have a drink container and small pump to attach to the frame. Next plan is to purchase a rear rack and panniers.
Helen's new bike is British and quite lovely. She's just painted her black helmet in flowers and has a basket on the front of the bike now. Jan has purchased her bike already and is getting the brake cable fixed today. THEN we plan to go places. . . like Pt Chev this weekend for a coffee.
Yep, can't get enough of these shots - all on the street of course. And below is my bike as it was on TradeMe when I bought it. Has some rust but the basket covers a multitude of sins.