Sunday, January 31, 2010

Te Atatu to St Heliers, then Devonport and back

We had about the best adventure yet on our bikes yesterday. Took most of the day - 12 hours - and set off at 8.45 toward the city, just following our noses with a thermos, sandwiches, blankets and togs.
High tide mark still showing on the North Western motorway cyclepath.
Took the customary photo on the Waterview bridge.
Got in to lower Parnell and discovered the cafe at the Fabric shop.
Great coffee!
By the time we arrived at Okahu Bay we were ready for a swim even if the tide was half out.
My trusty steed was holding up fine.
Headed around to Kohimarama and St Heliers.
I spotted some friends at Kohimarama beach and stayed for another swim with these two went on to St Heliers. Then we cycled to the Viaduct and caught the ferry across to Devonport.

Great day for it too. A stiff breeze at times but it cooled things down. This is Helen and Nicola at the pier at Devonport before we did a bit of a cycle further into the suburbs.
Skytower behind Nicola.
Came back for a coffee/chai/tea at a cafe in Devonport.
Nicola headed off up North to Greenhithe and Helen and I went back on the ferry and up Queen St (in togs and with salty hair). We found a nice man in the booth at the carpark below the Town Hall, who secured our bikes in an area near his booth, and we went up and had a roast dinner at the Food Hall before going to see 'It's Complicated'.
Came out in the pink light of evening and set off toward the sunset and Te Atatu. This time we followed the road down through Grey Lynn and caught up with the cyclepath at St Lukes.
Got home after 50kms and 12 hours, having had a glorious day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Albany environs

John, Naomi and I went to Albany on Saturday to check out the cycling around the campus and the parkway there. It's great to see a growing consideration for cyclists: the new stairways under the Albany bridge have ramps with grooved tracks to easily wheel your cycle down.Overlooking a pleasant scene of ducks, children and stream, just behind the Albany township.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Every which way for the summer holidays

Two of the Handlebras were at Waihi beach for some of January - this is Helen and I on our way to Flat White cafe for dinner, on a balmy evening.
. . . and the next day we cycled up to Bowentown and had a coffee in the only cafe we could find at that end of the beach.
I went on to Lake Rotoiti, where the cycling was limited if you didn't want to take on the busy highway. Not wearing a helmet because it was a 10kph zone in front of the bach.

I did, however, wear a helmet on this stretch of road. . .
. . . scary stretch of road negotiated with logging trucks and large vehicles with boats, 100kph zone, just to go get the paper from this cute little shop. I had eyes in the back of my head and ears on full alert.

The other Handlebras were doing more challenging rides up near Waiwera and we have all planned to return to that area and do it together. The gravel portions of the track will be useful in preparing us for the Rail Trail in March I'm sure.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

High tide mark

First of all, I have to say - my summer holiday is MADE because of the invention of the two simple items pictured above. That's ALL you need. Seriously. A place to relax outside, and a way to get places in your own steam with all you need on the cycle - amazing machine that it is. As you can see (look closely) the theme of this year is grapes. . . flowers are so last year.
To our delight, my niece and I discovered we hit the NorthWestern cyclepath to Pt Chev right on the dot of high tide, and yes, it does cover the track.
Very glad of my mudguards, as I swooshed through this rather deep tide.

. . . then we stopped for the usual photo on the Waterview bridge.
and reached the end of Pt Chev road for the promised coffee. Perfick.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Slow leisurely solo cycle for New Years Day

It being a lazy New Year's Day, and no one else available, I went on a bit of a ramble toward Henderson and onwards. This is taken at the Falls, Henderson, where I stopped for a while.
As you can see - pretty pleasant spot!

And then there was the lying around in my hammock for much of the afternoon. This is the sight you look up at from the prostrate position.