Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cycle culture at AUT

LOOK what I found in my inbox this morning from my workplace:
"A job order has now been issued to have a bike stand installed in the WH parking area.
As part of travel planning we are attempting to establish a Bike Club at AUT and require someone to lead this. Is any one interested? If so, please contact Susie George who is busy implementing travel plans. The group could also work well as a lobby group
to convince AUT to improve facilities for cyclists such as showers, lockers, drying facilities and perhaps your own coffee shop. We are keen to bounce ideas off cyclists so here is your chance!"

What a thrilling and unexpected occurance - obviously I had little to do with it, but I can see how life could change radically if it all goes ahead.


  1. At the University of Auckland I think we used to have a thriving cycle culture but from the look of this website it seems that it has fallen by the wayside. I think I shall have to find out who this belongs to and attempt to resurrect it as it offends my web sensibility.

  2. A long way to bike in tho Ben


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