Monday, July 27, 2009

Cycling in Melbourne

What a perfect city for cycling Melbourne is. We came here for a 3-day holiday, and found it very busy with cycles. Hired one each for $20 for 2 hours, and set off along the Yarra river to check out the sights. My bike had no gears and back brakes, so it was a learning curve, but since there were hardly any hills, it didn't matter.
Some of the local wildlife stopped us in our tracks.
It was great fun! The paths were well maintained and used, and took you a good distance south of Melbourne.
We finally crossed one of the many bridges and came up the other side back into the Southgate side of Melbourne.
I stopped for a bit of minor adjustment.
Returning to the bike hire place, it was an interesting ramble through the back of buildings.

And Helen took every shot she could of all the cyclists we encountered. UNLIKE Auckland, most were clad in ordinary, or stylish, clothes, and negotiating the streets easily. SO IMPRESSIVE.

Loved this bike (below) seen tied up in St Kilda. Lots of pretty decoration all over it, and a wide seat and basket.

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