Saturday, July 3, 2010

Still crawling along through winter - to Pt Chev this time

Sheesh, it's been hard to get out there these days, but today dawned blue and clear so Helen and I hit the trail from Te Atatu to Pt Chev - jostling between a mighty contingent of cyclists all enjoying the day out and about.
It was great to get some exercise, but it was painful to realise how much we'd lost in the way of fitness and form. Oh well.

The coffee stop was good, at Pt Chev.


  1. I hear you. After that initial Indian summer its been a cold, wet winter.
    I packed up the kids a few weeks ago to do the Ambury ride you wrote about but it so wet and wild we ended up at the museum instead!

    Did you get to the Cycle Style show in the Viaduct?

  2. No, we wanted to get there, but a string of late nights, and the miserable weather, and the thought of loading up bikes on racks and finding parking in Downtown was enough to tip us over the edge to stay home.


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