Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well-cycled Weekend behind us

What a great weekend to dust off the pedals and start to pick up some stamina on the bikes again. Yesterday we went to Henderson to do some shopping, and today we went along the Western cycleway in as far as Kingsland, and the Kings Garden Centre. This is us on the bridge at Waterview.
Chained our bikes to the fence at the garden centre and Helen removed her panniers - trialing a new design she has made.

We stopped for a Chai Latte and Yoyo, and breezed around the Garden Centre picking up a few Spring plants for the vegie garden. I carried them back in my front basket.
On the way home, this lovely Pashley pulled up beside us, ridden by Matt, who has only been on it since midwinter. He was good company, chatting about the cycleways around the West, and how he'd had the bike imported, but that it was well worth the effort.
Oh dreams of glory.

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