Monday, November 15, 2010

A wander from Te Atatu into the city, and beyond

These are in reverse order I'm sorry - starting with the end of the day and moving backwards. It started with Linda, John and I heading in to the city from Te Atatu, along the cyclepath, then up Newton Gully to Ponsonby Road, and all along that. We stopped for coffee and donuts at Il Forno. Then we stopped in at Cyco, and admired the bikes. Helen texted us from 'The Rabbit Hole' on Jervois Road so we cycled there for a spot of lunch and catch up. John and Linda went back through Meola Road and Pt Chev, and Helen and I continued down College Hill to the Viaduct. Caught the ferry over to Devonport, and swung around there for a while. Came back and pressed on up Anzac Ave, until we hit the cycleway to the West again. And home to a hot bath!

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