Saturday, December 11, 2010

Evening ride in from Te Atatu to the Domain for the Practice Christmas in the Park

That's Dion on a one gear bike and his mother, waiting with me for Helen and nurse friend to join us at Te Atatu Medical Centre, and cycle in to the Domain. It's 6.15pm.
Helen and friend ahead, where friend will leave for her home in Pt Chev, and we four will continue.
Nicola and son behind, and a glorious evening with the sunset behind us.
Finally in at the Domain and joining up with other members of the family. Dion didn't return with us, and we left at around 9:45pm.
Below: not much to see, but the air was wonderfully balmy and the moon a thin sliver, and we had the entire route to ourselves all the way back to Te Atatu, arriving at 10:45pm.

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