Monday, February 7, 2011

Te Atatu to Oratia and back.

Here we are tying the bikes up at the Packing Shed cafe at Just Plain Interesting in Oratia. A great place to cycle to, with live music (in this case, a Spanish guitarist), homely food, and great ambience.

Most of the way there is on cyclepaths, and through some interesting spots, like the Millbrook neighbourhood garden.


  1. I like your stylie panniers!

    - Antoine

  2. Thanks - my sister makes them!

  3. Hi,
    I like the old posters a lot. Very catchy blog name too. I'll get to the point. Compare the hand position of the old days and what you ride today. Your hand position bends at the wrist while the old days the hand grip naturally. If you go to my blog I have some information and pictures on rider reach and a modification called a rev 2. I'm just saying that loads of pain is caused by "a static" hand position and the Rev 2 does everything your bar does but give multiple hand positions. I'm starting a trend on not trying to sell you anything, I will be posting a hardware list do you could make your own modifications. KIWI yeah!!!

  4. Thanks Domotion! I will check out your blog site. Sounds good to me - because, yes, after a while it gets a bit strained on the wrists because without meaning to, we are leaning forward more than we'd like.


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