Tuesday, December 10, 2013

End of one cycle - the start of the next

BOTH my bikes went yesterday - the Cyclone road bike because it was dead, and needed replacement, which is shown above. I LOVED the shape of my old bike, but it was basically a 'Hungarian Kmart Bike' and some of the cheap parts had definitely worn. This is an Avanti Discovery, which is much better made, and should see me to the shops and local places with ease. I enjoyed a whip around the Te Atatu Peninsula last night on it.

And my trusty green electric bike is now on Waiheke Island, where a grateful owner rode it from here at 6.30pm after work as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife. He sent me a text this morning saying what a good ride home it had been. I'm very pleased, and yet still feel a pang, because I have done a few great trips on that green one, and were it not for the fact that my flatmate and my sister both recently purchased much more comfortable and longer enduring electric cycles, I'd still be using it. NOW I am scouring websites for the type of bike frame that I will better enjoy, with a plan to do MUCH more cycling because of it.

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