Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pumping up the tyres for the first time

This is our first entry. Yep, that's me - chubby but happy on my fairly upright-with-basket secondhand bike with the sun behind me and the wind on my face. Note jandals and dress.
Many plans are in the offing for this club - lots more bits and pieces to go on the bikes - Helen (below) has now got a basket. I've just purchased a wee bag for under the seat with a spare inner tube and repair kit. I have a drink container and small pump to attach to the frame. Next plan is to purchase a rear rack and panniers.
Helen's new bike is British and quite lovely. She's just painted her black helmet in flowers and has a basket on the front of the bike now. Jan has purchased her bike already and is getting the brake cable fixed today. THEN we plan to go places. . . like Pt Chev this weekend for a coffee.
Yep, can't get enough of these shots - all on the street of course. And below is my bike as it was on TradeMe when I bought it. Has some rust but the basket covers a multitude of sins.


  1. I am not normally a bra wearer but could see that there would be some aerodynamic benefit. I hope, Miss Jeffries, that when not posing for photoshoots, you will be wearing your helmet!

  2. I won't be wearing one if I can get away with it, and no, I don't mean the bra.

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