Saturday, December 20, 2008

To Point Chev for a coffee

Helen and I, with her son Liam, decided to go for a cycle to Pt Chevalier this morning - have a coffee there, and come on home. This is me 'cycling up' and getting my bike in order. . .
Most of the way you have to follow the North Western motorway from Te Atatu Peninsula into the city. It's all cycle track which is great, with a few ups and downs, but quite possible for beginners if you don't try to go too fast. You have to beware of the lycra brigade who can come up behind you unawares - double file! And I was rung at once, and 'HO'-ed on the way back. Huh.
We all had to stop and put on coats when the rain began to fall lightly. This is Helen and Liam.
The first bridge is fairly easy.
. . . you just change down as far as you can go and keep peddling.
A bit of unsalubrious industrial stuff to go by.
Swapped camera person and this is what Helen saw of me for most of the trip.
. . . with regular checks back.
It wasn't all uphill. A gentle glide down toward the harbour and mangroves.

Much pleasanter going along here. . .

And finally, the reward of reaching the end of Pt Chev, and a pretty decent latte awaiting us.


  1. Just wondering why my quads are so sore today? Is it that all I could see of my sister was the sight of her pumping legs and the widening gap between us???

  2. That top picture says it all, the bike... the disappearing footpath....the open road beckoning, it was so fun.

  3. Indeed. The lure is huge, and the call of the wild becoming hard to resist.

  4. Oh for a decent latte! They don't know how to make them in the US :(

    Keep up the great cycling, maybe when I come back to NZ everyone will be doing it!


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