Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sept 5 FIRST SPRING trip out of the Peninsula

What a glorious day for our first official outing of the Spring. Blue skies, no clouds, a brisk fresh breeze, and some bikes to be dusted off and made long road worthy. (Helen and I take our bikes to the shops or her work regularly).
Just sorting a handlebar issue on Naomi's bike.

And finally we are ready to go. Off to Pt Chev with all our guff about the Rail Trail in backpack and bags.

Trying out the new cycleway means crossing Yeovil at the end of the road where Te Atatu Rd is pretty busy, and goes from four lanes to two.
But once on the other side, it's new cycle lanes on the road, all the way to the park where the new cycle path goes down into the grassed area.
Lovely to get off the road. . .
and cruise along the prisine pathway to the end where the motorway onramp has a traffic light for cyclists.
Made it easily to the bridge at Waterview, for the customary stop and drink.
and then along to Pt Chev cafe to pore over our maps of the Otago RailTrail and plan our route and accommodation. This is all happening in March next year. Yay.
We packed up after and headed back on the road.
But we made a detour to Adventure Cycles, near Western Springs, to visit Bruce, and sort out panniers and rack for John's bike. Oh, and new bike for Naomi. ALWAYS worth a stop in there.

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