Monday, September 14, 2009

Spring Cycling . . .

Yep, that's the cycle at the moment - all ready for a Spring trip out of the Peninsula somewhere. I have big plans every weekend - to sew, to get into my garden, to do housework - and then I get a call from the Cowans or my sister and before you know it, I'm clad in far too clingy outfits, and heading out to the garage. My bike lives beside my car in a corner where it is easy to exit and enter without too much damage to the car (ha!). As you can see, the panniers are covered with the neat little built in rain cover, and there is a nasty CAPE resting on the basket drying out. I wore it only yesterday, during a sudden squall coming back from Henderson. My sister has yet to wear hers.
Cowans and I 'did' the Peninsula shore track over gravel on Saturday in the rain, no less. Seeking shelter as we could beneath some huge pines, before negotiating the track again. Naomi suffered one spill on the boardwalk but arose to continue the rest of the path virtually unscathed apart from an unpleasant scrape on her leg. Whew. It could have been much worse - the smelly mangroves just beyond the boardwalk would be a nasty landing.
Helen and I went to Henderson for the first time this 'summer' yesterday. Once again, it was in fitful Spring weather, but we need to face all of that on the Rail Trail, so it's good practice.

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