Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out and about in Onehunga

It was a briskly windy day today but three of us went over to Onehunga, and cycled along the path which went on for some way into the backblocks, following the edge of the inner harbour.
Wind behind us in this direction felt pretty good. Lovely broad path, that three of us could have cycled abreast had we so chosen.
The nearby work on the airport motorway.
Naomi and I following on closely behind John, who shot this over his shoulder.
Container park and customs area.
Naomi stopping while I took the photos.
Yet another factory at the back of Penrose.
Pleasant overbridge with a train or two passing in the distance.
Not sure this was the most respectful way of perusing the old gravestones, but we covered a fair few of them this way.
Lunch at the Library cafe.
Mmmm. And (below) the wharf area of Onehunga, and the old bridge, now a pedestrian and cycle path only.
The main motorway to the airport.

The small and meandering path on the Mangere Bridge side of Onehunga area.

And below, the short film I took of our voyage back toward the bridge.

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