Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween day cycle to Kumeu and Riverhead

It was a simply glorious day today, and so we made quick plans to get out on our bikes and go to Kumeu, via Henderson and the train up to Waitakere. This is Helen and Jenny about to set off.

This initial journey to Henderson is about 11 kms along this rather pleasant meandering pathway.

Getting to Henderson 10 mins after the train left, we had a 50 min wait, so spent it having a coffee across the road.
then hanging out at the station. Had to take bikes up and down escalators to get here.
Loved the murals/billboards on display to the waiting passengers on either side of Henderson train station.

Finally the train came and we loaded our bikes - a mere $3.60 to take ourselves and them up to Waitakere township.

.. . where John awaited us. He'd flown in from Whakatane this morning and got to Waitakere to wait for us there.
It was then a hefty ramble up and down hills to Kumeu and discover Carriages cafe closed. So we headed inland to Riverhead and had lunch there. Naomi joined us for this.

Back via the vineyards and a spot of wine tasting at Soljans, (carrying a bottle for dinner tonight in my panniers).
All up, Helen and I did 50 kms today - not too bad really. John did about 28 kms and left us at Waitakere township. My knees are feeling it now - need to lose some weight and am in the process of doing just that. Great day.

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