Sunday, January 24, 2010

Albany environs

John, Naomi and I went to Albany on Saturday to check out the cycling around the campus and the parkway there. It's great to see a growing consideration for cyclists: the new stairways under the Albany bridge have ramps with grooved tracks to easily wheel your cycle down.Overlooking a pleasant scene of ducks, children and stream, just behind the Albany township.


  1. I like following your exploits on Google Earth, but this time I'm stumped. How on earth did you get from Te Atatu to Albany by bike?

  2. Hi Roger - er, we cheated! The Cowans live at Torbay, and car being fixed so I went over there for a change. We drove up to Massey Campus and did the cycling from there. Sheesh, that sounded good though. Going to cycle from Te Atatu into St Heliers this weekend though. That's a good one.


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