Sunday, January 3, 2010

High tide mark

First of all, I have to say - my summer holiday is MADE because of the invention of the two simple items pictured above. That's ALL you need. Seriously. A place to relax outside, and a way to get places in your own steam with all you need on the cycle - amazing machine that it is. As you can see (look closely) the theme of this year is grapes. . . flowers are so last year.
To our delight, my niece and I discovered we hit the NorthWestern cyclepath to Pt Chev right on the dot of high tide, and yes, it does cover the track.
Very glad of my mudguards, as I swooshed through this rather deep tide.

. . . then we stopped for the usual photo on the Waterview bridge.
and reached the end of Pt Chev road for the promised coffee. Perfick.

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