Saturday, February 20, 2010

Around Dairy Flat (Hah!)

I drove across to Torbay and met up with the Cowans and then convoyed up to Dairy Flat this morning, where we did a respectable 20 km ride around the rolling countryside past the aerodrome and some lovely lifestyle blocks.
The worst hill was the one we came down to start with, behind Naomi in the picture above. It went on and on.
The official group portrait (above). On the return voyage we went past a car in the yard with what looked like a body on it. Upon closer investigation it was a gallery of sorts so we went into the yard and found that the owners were friends of the Cowans. A delightful stop over including chat, coffee and cake, and roaming the grounds looking at sculptures that international artists were presently working on for a coming exhibition next weekend.

LOVED Bob the Aussie Terrier cross below.
Then I returned to Te Atatu and found Helen had gone off and obtained this delicious bike trailer. Opening the way for longer trips involving tents and equipment. Yay.

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