Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bike to Breakfast 2010

Looking forward to this annual event the night before - we met to check out our bikes and pimp them up suitably.
Neighbours, friends and family got involved of course.
The next morning, about to head off at 5.45 from Te Atatu, awaiting Jan who had slept through her alarm.
Taken on the Waterview bridge.
Jan's basket. . .
Helen's basket. . .
My basket . . .
and the helmets of course.
Joined the bike bus at Pt Chev and continued along the cycle path toward the city.
We didn't have a police escort down Queen Street this time, but still, it was great fun.

Arrived at the Viaduct and got swept into a frenzy of photos and television which was unexpected and very exhilarating. Breakfast was forgotten what with interviews with Tamati from TVOne breakfast show (below). That's Jenny from Cycle Action Auckland with Jan.
The winning helmet!
Helen won an Avanti bike for her outfit.
Finally got to take helmets off and enjoy a great breakfast, before cycling back up Queen St and home.
My angel looks exactly as I felt upon arrival back at Te Atatu.
Some clips from the tv show.

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  1. What a fun, crazy bunch you are! Always enjoy your great blog!


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