Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still going in to the city, and a trip to Howick

I'm still going 14.8kms into the city on the days I work there, along the cycleway - and it's perfect weather for cycling right now - gentle cool breezes, blue skies, not too hot. The sunstrike hits pretty much in the face for much of the trip but it's so worth it.
Very pleasing to be on the bike and not one of the rushing vehicles to my left.
And for a touch of contemplation, there's always the still blue waters of the inner harbour.
And yesterday, John Cowan and I went for a long voyage out to Howick to check it out. Didn't take the Eastern Cycle map, which was a pity. We encountered a few hills, and hardly any cycleways, to our disappointment. But the ride was a new adventure, and well worth it.

John's helmet needed major readjustment after it had been fitted to some young boy's heads the previous weekend.
Cockle Bay.

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