Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Homewards in the dying light

After such a long summer and mild Autumn, the days are starting to get much shorter and more unpredictable. Last night I just made it back to Te Atatu before the sun dipped below the horizon. Still, it was satisfying to be on the bike and not one of the many cars crawling along on the right.
Just a few light showers but nothing like the weather today - strong gusts and sideways rain - so I'm glad I'm working from home today. I actually took the camera to capture images of some of the many motorscooters that use these cyclepaths, which personally, I find very annoying. Some of them go quite fast, and come upon you without warning. I don't know how other cyclists feel about them, but despite signs up to show they are not allowed on the cycle way, they still persist - even to the extent of taking their license plates off.

I didn't come across any last night. Phew. Just long stretches of open path, golden light, and tight streams of slow moving traffic on my right.

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  1. I got blown around so much today on East Coast Road I ended up riding on the bike path because it was wider than the verge. Managed to avoid the rain though. Great fun!


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