Sunday, May 2, 2010

To market to market to buy a fat . . . cabbage.

We went further afield with the trailer on this perfect Sunday ride - from Te Atatu along Rosebank Road, to Avondale market. Had to ride along a fairly busy/narrow road (been spoilt with many cyclepaths lately), but today they were fairly sedate weekend drivers. Very glad NOT to be a car in the queue to get into the carpark.
It was jam packed with people, and we didn't choose the best place to park our bikes, but mental note for next time to park closer to the fruit and vegie section.
Huge range of cheap produce - can't believe we haven't been here before. For a pittance we loaded up our panniers, baskets and trailer, and negotiated the traffic at the entrance to get out.


  1. That carpark queue is terrible, eh - and they pay for the privilege! Luckily we can scoot past, wend through the crowd, and tuck our bikes into a sheltered, empty spot right beside the fruit and veg. (See my map.) I quite confidently drop food back to my bike and continue shopping, and so far none has walked.

    Headed down Rosebank Rd, did you exit out Elm St? It's a bit further, but not much in light of your whole trip, and avoids turning across busy Ash St.

  2. Thanks for that! We'll be doing the trip again, so it's good to hear from someone who has sussed it all out. Much appreciated.

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