Sunday, April 5, 2009

CAA Social Bike Ride around Henderson

An email that came out this last week:
CAA members, friends and family are invited to come along for a social bike ride this Sunday 5 April.

A chance to explore the Project Twin Streams shared walk/cycle way through Sunnyvale and Henderson.

Refer the attached link for more information and a map.

Helen and I answered this call - and joined this worthy crew of cyclists who gathered this morning at 9am at Parrs Park in Sunnyvale to set off and negotiate the cycleways of Waitakere Central.
We clustered for a while in the carpark making sure everyone who wanted to come had arrived, and then headed off along Parrs Cross Rd to the Oratia Walk and Cycleway.

This path wanders through the back blocks and is wide and smooth and a pleasant ramble.

Then we turned left onto Millbrook Road and headed toward the main part of Henderson the wide cyclelane that is part of the footpath.
It was a great day for it - not much traffic and plenty of blue sky.
We crossed through Henderson behind the railway station and under the bridge by the Corban Estate Art Centre, which has a cycle track running around it's perimeter. You come off the bridge behind it and find this long cycleway through a green swathe of lawn.
and pop out for a brief time on an industrial street, before turning right on the cycle path again. (Through Henderson Valley Park).

This path ends at Border Road, and we turned left and headed along it until we got to Henderson Valley Rd, then Pine Ave/Parrs Cross Rd. There's a little cafe in 'Just Plane Interesting' tucked in the valley with a vineyard and some small craft shops. Today, there was even a guitarist to entertain us as we had some refreshments under the trees.

Then I headed off to the library at Henderson and got a book out, which I proceeded to read under a tree on the cyclepath home from Henderson to Te Atatu Peninsula.

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  1. sounds grand! I too had a lovely group ride this weekend- we had to get a train to the start point though so a bit more complex than usual!


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