Monday, April 27, 2009

Will we, won't we, when winter comes. . .?

Winter is almost upon us, and I have my first cold of the year - and the real test comes now, as to whether we can keep up the cycling. Yes, I know all you enthusiasts and stalwart cyclists out there who go to work in all weather would be scorning this comment as you read it. But you see, we started out at the beginning of summer, 6 months ago, and this summer has been wonderful, almost every weekend fine and blue.
However, I got out of my sick bed, and my sister and I headed over in a light rain to Henderson and met friend John at the Falls cafe. My panniers and basket had my fluoro rain covers on and it wasn't too bad.

Helen set off home. . .I went to the library. . . John set off for the other side of Auckland, and all in all, it was a worthwhile venture. Whew. We may just make it through winter.

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  1. I do hope you continue - i look forward to updates on your weekend's adventure. I also like your cycling style - flowers and frocks - definitely girls after my own heart!

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