Monday, April 13, 2009

Solo trip in to St Heliers

Thought I'd head in to the city and meet friends on Tamaki Drive and have a coffee. This is after pumping my tyres up and checking all systems are go.
After the ups and downs of the back end of Kingsland and Newton, finally made it in to Tamaki Drive and along the waterfront. I stopped and did a 'joiner' of three photos at Kelly Tarltons on the way.
Found out my friends were not in there with their bikes, but painting the inside of their house. So we arranged to meet anyway, for a coffee at Kohimarama and while I waited I went along to St Heliers to see the sights.

We had a long coffee and lunch and then I set off on the gruelling trip UP to the top of town and along to the motorway and home. 47.5kms in all. I've had it.

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