Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect cycle to Pt Chev

It was one of those perfect days this morning upon lifting my eyelids, and so I had to fossick around for warmer clothes and head off toward Pt Chev for a coffee - a 21 kms round trip down the motorway and along.
On the way, came across another Handlebra at the supermarket with her basket full of silverbeet and a bleary eye after celebrating her 50th last night. She LONGED to come too, but couldn't.
Heading to the motorway I see the cyclepath is still getting a look in with the bulldozer.
View of the city from a hillock not far from the entrance the motorway. Sigh. Perfect weather.
Someone skuttled past me towards Te Atatu.
LOVE this section of the motorway path - through the mangroves and out of the sight of traffic for a bit.
Photo taken over my shoulder.
The road goes ever on and on. . .
Folks who passed me on the long stretch.
Tide out and mudflats showing.
At Pt Chev you decide whether it's safer to ride the sidewalk or the road.
I did the sidewalk for a while. . .
And after Meola Rd, took to the wider road. The end is in sight. There's a cafe at the end of this road.

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