Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whooo hooo, we made it over the harbour bridge!

Fortunately today dawned bright and sunny, and so I set off to join thousands who were supporting 'Get Across' in protesting the lack of a cycle/path across the harbourbridge. It was also 50 years since the bridge was built, so a good reason to push our cause.
I arrived to find a startling number of cyclists and pedestrians all ready to put pressure on the powers that be to let us across. Despite words that it wouldn't happen.
There were speeches. . . this is the banner for
Clambered up a hill for this shot.
The bridge . . .
Then we moved toward where there was a police barracade.
You can imagine a few chants and grumblings from the mob. . .
Heading back to turn up the road which is the onramp to the bridge.
Some breakaway cyclists got through the cordon, and it was all on after that. Four lanes of northbound traffic were held up at least an hour, so that we could all 'do' the bridge. Yay.
Heading towards it now.
Over my shoulder. . .

Met a fellow cycle blogger who took my photo and I took hers.
Pig condition protesters as well. . .

Deep sigh.

And here's the news link from the NZ Herald.

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  1. Wonderful to see the gleeful look of the anarchist on your face (anarchist not antichrist)


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