Thursday, October 1, 2009


John, Naomi and I went to Rotorua for a few days at the end of September to check out the easier touring routes. ALMOST didn't make it - both Naomi and I had bad colds, and coughed most of the time, and the weather was very SPRING. i.e. wet and windy for much of the time there. HOWEVER on Tuesday which happened to be the funeral for Sir Howard Morrison down there, it was also mostly blue skies, so we got our gear together and headed out.

Very glad we did! The thermal region cycle track was interesting enough without being too taxing for the not-so-well members of the Handlebra group. Really enjoyed going through the steam and the boiling mud areas.

We even unwittingly joined the funeral procession on our way back to the camp ground at Ngongataha. Going past a billboard for Sir Howard Morrison, John hongi'ed him.

We managed the edges of the Redwood Forest before coming back on the circuitous route.
Neither were we without incident. Surprisingly it was the car that needed a tyre change.

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