Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting out there. . .

It's a bit tough when you're an 'adventure' cyclist, and Spring this year is particularly windy and rainy. The trip down to the shops and back is easy enough between showers but the DISTANT HORIZONS still call, and just getting out to the bike and rigging up can be a bit of an effort. Still, we're doing it. The Rail Trail in Otago is calling us, and we're booked for March next year. So, despite pretty disturbing conditions we are taking to the cycle trails to get in shape.
Recently I managed the trip in from Te Atatu to AUT in Wellesley St, despite a flat tyre, brake repairs and tyre come out from the rim situations. The bus strike helped.
Last weekend, the Cowans took to Devonport and Helen and I went to Henderson to do some shopping and get some fresh air.

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