Saturday, February 7, 2009

7 February - FOUR of us cycled into the West today

We have a three-day weekend, so today was spent enjoying nothing but leisurely cycling - with newcomers to the Handlebra Brigade. John and Naomi came across from Torbay with their cycles on the back of the car, and joined us to progress into the West. John is an old Westie, so already knows the area and has a great fondness for it. This is my bike all packed for the journey with planned coffee breaks and a lunch break at the Falls.

The four of us ready to go. Jan (our other HER member was working today but cycled to work in Henderson and back anyway at an earlier hour).
Our first water break. . .
Yes, John and Naomi WERE richly enjoying themselves. . .
Stopped for coffee at The Falls Restaurant, where John kept meeting old friends.
In between this shot and the last was a fair amount of cycling. We returned via the Falls and had a picnic lunch here on this table.
Naomi recovered from some aches by lying down. The water, as you can see, was at low tide. . .
I'm fiddling with bits and pieces. Look what we managed to unload from our bikes and put on table.
Upon arrival home, the hammock called. . .
Naomi's turn. . .
and then Johns.
Lovely view straight up from hammock. (I wonder if I can fit that on my bike?)

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