Thursday, February 12, 2009

Helen 'pimps' her bike too

Yes, now we have TWO bikes with flowers around the basket. That does speak volumes about enjoying the ride as much as getting there. At least we hope so.


  1. Hi Jayjay

    Looks like an interesting and civilised blog. I have added it to my feeds.

    I think that you might be interested in a magazine that I am involved with.

    MOMENTUM ( )is a free cycling mag published here in Vancouver BC Canada. Aimed at self-propelled people it you can view and download it free online at the website above. There is also a blog and various other features.
    features also at the website.

    Have a look, I think that you would enjoy it.

    Ron Richings
    Vancouver, BC

  2. Neat basket. Mmmm, need to see a salon about those feet.. pedicure at least.

  3. Hey, most people in the southern hemisphere are short, have hairy feet, and like second breakfast. I'm a glamour-puss!

  4. What a relief, finding some fellow women cyclists blogging that are not doing time trials or cycling up the side of a mountain for charity! i have just started my own blog, loosely based on my own cycling efforts and was starting to wonder if cycling just for the sheer pleasure of it was in some way not allowed! I have now added you to my "check in daily" list and look forward to reading more of your adventures :0)


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