Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gadgets. . .

Okay, there is a never-ending list of things that could be added to one's bike - and I am at the stage where the 'essential' items such as bell and bottle holder are firmly in place, and now it's getting the bling and pimping at max level. I know, I know, there'll come a time when I'll start ripping it all down to the elemental framework again, but it's not now.
Helen and I attended a meeting of CAA (Cycle Action Auckland last night, and enjoyed meeting some other enthusiasts of much longer standing then we. Or should I say, much longer peddling than we. We learned a number of new things to do with safety on our roads, and how to get the right bike fit for you. Met some very nice keen folk, who are much leaner than I. Most had arrived by bicycle, and we skulked out to our car, with two children in tow, clutching a cornucopia of pamphlets and useful things like a spacemaker flag (see below)
and I have attempted, this morning, to understand not only 1) how to put together a bike computer (so that we can gauge how far we are getting on our adventures) but 2) how to set it up with the right calculations and basic input. So far, no good. Watch this space.


  1. I bought a CatEye wireless computer and the instructions were confusing and I couldn't get it to work. The next time I googled the instructions first. It was SO easy to assemble and I had it working within 10 minutes!

    It's so easy to get carried away with buying gadgets, especially here in The Netherlands.

    - Elle

  2. ooh I asked my husband for a wireless cycle computer this Christmas. He spend alot of money getting the best one he could find - i always seem to press the wrong button when out and about and wipe the info off - I swaer at it alot....
    Last week our local hypermarket had a clearence sale and would you believe they had noname wireless cycle computers for £4.50 - bought one for daughters new bike, fitted it myself (we had to pay to have posh one done it was so complex) and both she (age 7) and I have no problem getting all the info we need from hers :0/
    Of Course husband refuses to entertain getting money back from bike shop for expensive one so i can buy differant cycle gadgetry ;0)


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