Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Longest Trail so far

If you click on this you should see it in larger format - I hope.
We did our longest trail yet - in from Te Atatu, via Pt Chev and Newton, up to Symonds St and along until we freewheeled all the way down to the bottom of Parnell Rise. Then along Tamaki Drive until we got to Okahu Bay. Here.
Tired, hot, but the tide way out, and therefore, no swim.
Bikes well laden with all manner of 'necessaries' like togs, towels, thermos, lunch, CUSHIONS.
We then went UPHILL - Parnell Rise, via the Rose Gardens, and ended up at the Domain for a couple of hours.

Listening to some distant jazz music, and watching various people arriving to listen to the concert.
Helen bringing back coffee from a local kiosk.
and the band stand with the jazz players in it can be seen through the trees, and below.
After the Domain we returned via Grafton Bridge - to Pt Chev.
. . . and went along Pt Chev road to the beach, and although the tide still pretty low, managed to soak in the waters for a while before heading home along the motorway bike lane. Whew. 50kms in all.

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  1. Riding with a friend is always the best! and coffee and bikes!!!?! even better. cute blog, Im liking :)
    greetings from San Francisco


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