Saturday, February 21, 2009

Largest Handlebra group yet to Pt Chev

Setting off from Te Atatu. . .
Five of us set off from Te Atatu Peninsula this morning - (very ENID BLYTON!) - heading for Pt Chev and the cafe at the end of the road by the beach and park. John and Naomi Cowan, Jan, Helen and I. This is us on the first leg of the motorway journey South to Pt Chev.
Looking pretty good so far. The wind behind us the coffee ahead. . .
All of us made it up the pedestrian bridge the overlooked Patiki Road - without stopping.
and this cyclist going back provided a nice dynamic shot of Jan and John rising slowly from the bottom of the bridge.
Jan. . .
John. . .
Helen disappearing off into the distance with the mangroves ahead of her and the boardwalk.
We finally got to the end of the motorway and up the bridge overlooking Waterview.
Yep, that's how we felt.
Then it was along on the road with the traffic until we got to Pt Chevalier beach. There we disembarked.
and waited while Jan fiddled with her bike. . .
Ready for that latte now.
We thought it had been a quick and easy ride, but of course, in this photo we didn't realise we were in for the headwind on the journey home.
Lovely Naomi.

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