Sunday, March 22, 2009

Autumnal meanderings

Yesterday evening was a bit of a girls' night - DVDs at the ready, kids not home for the night, so the three of us collected forces in one home and decided to bike on down to the local Thai takeaways for dinner before heading into the movies. This is Jan and Helen ahead of me. Nice evening - not too busy road. Great skirt on Helen.
. . . and looking downward the comforting sight of my own basket and recently attached bling. You will notice that the bell was put on wrongly. I'm gonna fix that - really, I am. And yes, that's a computer crudely clinging to the bar.
Nice shot - they'll love their rear ends showing on this shot, and my silhuette. Just how I like it.
Hanging out at the Thai Restaurant making our orders. What a basket bike gang we look!
Nice distance shot of the three of us. . .
and a video of a curl of road we took a ramble down while waiting for the order to be filled.

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