Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Devonport with the Cowans

John and Naomi and I headed off to meet in Takapuna today, and from thence to Devonport by bike. It was a spectacular Autumn day, hot enough to still be summer really. Here they are consulting the map before we head off.I just held the camera behind me as I went downhill, and amazingly, picked up this shot of my fellow cyclist coming up behind me fast.

. . . and in front was Naomi, heading for the end of the road and the cycle path.
Some good boardwalks here, among the mangroves.

and then a great view of the harbour bridge in the distance.

John was clicking away merrily. . .
I took this great shape in the sharpness of the morning sun.
and we DID have a few hills to negotiate.
John visited with some relatives . . . you can see his face in the bike mirror as well. This is his great grandfather, and great (?) uncle.
The main road has recently had a cycle path put into it. Not that wide, but at least it's a SPACE . . .
and when they're not on the road, they're on the footpaths.
another map stop. ..
and finally the flat ground by the ferry building.
Really cute homes from a century ago!
IN Devonport at last.
the ferry coming in.
and Naomi and I heading off toward the distant pier.

Great coffee at a Devonport cafe.

the end of another good cycling foray. Nice pic of the Cowans in front of Rangitoto.

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