Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Venture in to the city and Tamaki Drive

We set off on another adventure this morning - enjoying the Autumnal weather - crisp blue sky, no wind, just right for cycling. John took this over his shoulder as I passed him on the North Western Cycle route. Naomi wasn't too well, and was waiting for us in at Tamaki Drive in the city. I told her 1 hour, but it was more like 2 by the time we had a mishap.John got very clever with the camera - I've deleted all the ones of his feet and the pedals. This is a glimpse in his new cycle mirror.

Still waters DON'T run deep in this case - the tide was in, and it was mirror still, but the water is only centimetres deep in much of the right hand side of the harbour.
Our first stop - the overbridge at Waterview.
. . .and that lovely sense of clowning around BEFORE the tragedy occurred. It DOES feel like flying sometimes.
Onward and upward with the golf course on right and the motorway on left.
Ah. . .and a long break from photos. John's wheel wobbled almost OFF as he was going up a steep hill, and it knocked him off the bike, and we spent some time hovering over it, with him adjusting and rebolting the wheel back on. It wasn't a permanent job, and fortunately I knew of this newly moved business not too far from where we were. Adventure Cycles is run by a very friendly and helpful fellow called Bruce, who took John's bike in to fix and provided him with a free bike to continue on our journey. What a lovely man!
Signing on the dotted line. . .
My bike acquainting itself with the friendly bikes for repair or sale out in the paddock.
John's bike up on the stand.
and then we were off again. This time heading back in to town with a different bike, along the tram tracks.
After a number of hills and hollows we virtually freewheeled down Symonds St and Constitution Hill and through the lower parts of Parnell to catch up with poor Naomi, who'd been waiting all this time for us.
She was first off the mark to head around Tamaki Drive.
Taken over my shoulder at the two behind me. . .
We stopped at Kohimarama for brunch, in this instance some pretty nice Eggs Benedict with bacon.
The three worthy cyclists enjoying coffee at last.
And the last photo taken on the way back to the car at Mission Bay. THEN we went to the cycle shop and I got a ride there in the car, and from thence I cycled home to Te Atatu. A great day!

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  1. Looks like you had an adventurous ride! The eggs benedict look delicious!


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