Monday, March 2, 2009

'Tis done

As you can see, I've filled every available space on my handlebra - oops, read that 'handlebar' - and will have to remove before I put anything else on. But the latest thingy, the computer, has already proved its worth yesterday in calculating more accurately the distance we normally travel when going to Henderson. It's quite fun seeing how fast one is going downhill, or how fast in normal cycling. The little tinkle bell has had to be moved and there's a bit of shuffling whenever I go to ring it, to move the headlight away from it. . . or I'd have to resort to the hooter. Gulp.Anyway, the calculations are as follows: we travel an average of 14 - 20 kph usually, that's a nice easy cycle. Going downhill I'm usually going around 30kph but did get over 40kph at one stage.
The trip to Henderson library was around 7.4 kms, so round trip home I'd clocked up an easy 14.8 kms which is a nice hour's cycle, excluding stops. I'm looking forward to seeing what the trip into the Viaduct Basin comes out as.

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