Friday, March 13, 2009

A bit of silliness . . .

There's nothing like the acquisition of a new bike to bring out the silliness in someone. Yep, this is the bike I bought off TradeMe yesterday - a Made in Hungary 'Cyclone' which has a lovely shape to it.
It was delivered yesterday morning before work and I had to spend a short amount of time acquainting myself with it, before heading off on the bus into the city.
Whilst away, I found a bike basket I like the look of.
Will have to acquire this little beauty as well!
Meanwhile, I've returned home, and found my bike waiting for me, (in the living room of course), and I've already read it a story from Enid Blyton.
and shown it around the kitchen, including how to do the dishes.


  1. Love it! Thanks for the laugh to start off my day (Friday the 13th!). Enjoy your new pet/child/bike!

  2. Captures the love some of us feel for our machines pretty well!

  3. I got the biggest kick out of that last photo. Thanks so much for a good Friday giggle.


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