Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan's first long trip

Jan - on her newest bike - takes to the winding bike paths that lead to Henderson. This is the farthest she has gone, and the first time over the motorway to that side of town. Well worth it. She hopes to take this route to her work every day, and it's looking possible!

I set the camera up on a nearby bin, and took a photo of the two of us outside the library in Henderson. Didn't wait long enough for the shot, hence the unfortunate angle of my body leaving the site. I'm going to regard this as the 'before' shot. I'm also in front of Jan's lovely basket.

Jan's expression pretty much covers it. It was a great cycle and much easier and more pleasant than expected.

And here's my first video of part of the trip. Hopefully it captures what the path looks like, and I had to stop it hurriedly when I saw the sharp angle of the turn at the end of the bridge. . .

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  1. It's very amusing to watch your adventures, and also very nice to see a bit of video of New Zealand. The country always looks beautiful.

    Unfortunately it's all a bit of a blur in my mind these days as it's nearly 30 years since we moved back to this side of the world.

    I just looked up how far it was from Te Atatu to Weymouth (near Manurewa) where we used to live, and where I used to ride my bike as a kid.

    Unfortunately it's really too far (about 40 km) to ask you to cycle to make another video.

    It would have been very amusing to see the view that one gets cycling along Blanes Road after such a long absense.

    Keep up the cycling, and enjoy the rest of summer.


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