Sunday, January 4, 2009

Waihi Beach New Year 2009

Helen and I outside our bach at Waihi Beach, about to take our first trip together down to the distant shopping centre.
Plenty of cyclists on this stretch of road, all of us competing with the car/trailer/boat traffic.
Rewarded with a coffee at a cafe called 'Flat White'.
Heading back to 'Flat White' for New Year's dinner that night.
And a worthy meal of pork roast with a view of the sea, it was.
. . . later the same day . . . on the bach balcony awaiting New Year.
Helen ahead of me on the road to Athenree.
Not so much fun sharing this narrow road with cars doing 100kph right next to you. . .
but once we got to Athenree it was tranquil and quite lovely.
. . . only the sound of seagulls squabbling and the distant strums of a guy playing guitar.
More 'Aaaah'
Our two bikes leaning on Pohutukawa trees

then a cycle home via a coffee at the cafe by the little Waihi beach airport.

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