Saturday, January 3, 2009

Waihi Beach holiday

Coffee on the way back from Athenree
Still looking good after a helmet squashed on her head
A Lovely day

At Athenree we stopped to rest under the pohutukawas
My lovely bike, ready for a trip to Athenree
Jenny outside Flat White cafe

Jen and I have had a very lazy and fun time at Waihi beach. We cycled every day, using our bikes for trips to get groceries, and felt very proud to be cyclists and not one of the million cars roaming up and down Seaforth Rd all day. Here is the familiar sight of my sister heading off to the shops.

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  1. Wooeeee, you're quick! Great photos, and wonderful memories of a good holiday at the beach. I'll be getting mine up on this tomorrow. Watch this space. Pretty good at the blogging now, aren't you?!!


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