Monday, January 26, 2009

Into the city around the beaches and back

We set off on our biggest trip yet - in from Te Atatu Peninsula to the heart of Auckland City, at the Viaduct Basin. Just wanted to test out whether we could do the Bike Breakfast coming up on the 18 February. Here's Helen with her own camera taking a photo of me at 8am before we set off.
Our bikes ready to go, with togs (swimming costume), cushions, lunch, thermos, book, towels.
A water break at the old Carrington Hospital grounds in Pt Chevalier.
We cycled close to the motorway, through Kingsland and Symonds St, ending up finally here, at the Viaduct Basin, site of the Bike Breakfast in a few weeks.
Lovely boats in harbour.
A well earned cup of coffee at Viaduct cafe 'Mocca'.
I like this shot of our bikes against the backdrop of water and yachts.
Then we went along Tamaki Drive for a ways and stopped at Okahu Bay for a couple of hours, swimming, reading and eating lunch. Magic.
Helen reading against a backdrop of Okahu Bay.
And below is a video of Tamaki Drive, with too much sunstrike on the camera, but the gist is there.

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