Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First track emergency. . .

I'm feeling a little hot and bothered, but at least accomplished something! I set off on this favourite route of ours this morning, from Te Atatu Peninsula, through to Henderson, to go to the library.
Of course, for only the second time I've done it alone, and just keen to keep cycling even though the rest of the Handlebras are on holiday at present.
So I get past all the pedestrians wandering over the path (just like in picture). Even though I ring my bell, it's rarely that anyone moves across and leaves room for me, so I find myself careering out onto the grass and off the path a few times. I think that's why my front tyre went flat again. AND, of course, I didn't notice it until I got to the further end of the journey (see map - very bottom of line). I stowed the bike at the library, got a couple of books out, and came out to go home, and saw my front tyre flat.
So I pushed the bike until I got to a park nearby and attempted to pull out all of the stuff I keep attached to parts of the bike 'in case of emergency'. I guess it would have helped if I'd sorted out the issues I had with my little bike pump - it didn't seem to want to pump. So I gave up, reattached everything, and contemplated a long, HOT journey by foot back home (very top of the map!)
Then I bethought myself of the only bike shop in the vacinity, just off Lincoln Rd, and trudged there instead. The helpful chap in the workshop showed me how my small pump works AFTER you put the right nozzle into it, and I left it with him to repair the tyre while I trotted over the road for a coffee. Cheating, I know.

So, with great joy I was able to get the wheels turning again, lever myself onto them, and make the rest of the journey home. I hope this doesn't happen too often, and that the next time, I'll be better prepared and able to do it myself. Much hangs on that possibility.

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  1. Hi ladies, what a lovely blog! You are so lucky to ride in such gorgeous locations and with good company. I'm also trying to use my bike more often (and blogging about it), but the weather isn't cooperating much lately, and neither is my 10 yr old daughter, my main riding partner. Can't wait for spring! Happy riding!


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