Saturday, January 24, 2009

A longer trip to Henderson and beyond on gorgeous sunny Saturday

Helen set off before me this morning, waiting here on the sloping grounds of the Falls Restaurant in Henderson. When we'd had a cup of peppermint tea from my thermos, and sat on our cushions and rug for a bit, we set off to discover further paths beyond the one that leads in to Henderson along the river.
To our great delight there were substantial and well kept bicycle paths leading some distance along the back of Henderson into the Massey valley area.
On and on they went, pristine and flowing. If you could hear sound, you'd hear cackles and chortles above the soft squeak of our bikes.
And we were able to go two abreast easily. I chance to see Helen's helmet, and her cushion in her basket. Her panniers make carrying other things so much easier. That'll be my next buy.
Goony shot of me at the park on the way home. Delicious weather, not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze.
We parted company, and I stopped under a tree on the way home to read my book. This is my newly 'pimped' bike basket. Had to have the flowers.

And if you want a look at the wonderful entrance to this ride, once you get off the streets, this is what it's like to roll onto the meandering pathway.

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  1. Another glimpse of NZ. Marvellous. I envy you the warm weather at the moment.

    Are you aware that there is a Dutch website called Het Blije Fietsenplan - which has lots of photos of bikes with flowers attached ? (look at fotoalbum to see them).

    You could perhaps submit yours (jouw fietsfoto)

    The name means "The Happy Bicycle plan". There are often official "bicycle plans" here - this one is less official than most.


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